Cecil Castellucci Returns!

Anders and Freddie interviews the threepeat guest and Inkpot Award receiver Cecil Castellucci! We talk about her new comic book Shifting Earth with Flavio Biondi and Fabiana Mascolo, how she researched the book, trying to give hope, what it was like to work with the legendary editor Karen Berger and Swedish botanist names! We also talk about her work on an upcoming Star Wars anthology, her project to watch all the Disney movies, what the festivals after lock down is like and where you place awards. Plus gardening, opera and a lot other things. Anton shows up when the subject switches to Cecils work on Critical Role The Mighty Nein Yasha Nydoorin to nerd out about her collaboration with Matthew Mercer and Ashley Johnson.

Medverkande: Freddie Kaplan, Anders Lundgren, Cecil Castellucci, Anton Bjurvald

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