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Hög av Serier was born out of a need to discuss, review and analysize the art of comic books in a longer format. Frustrated with the off hand treatment comic books often were given by Swedish media, journalist Anton Bjurvald together with literary scholars Freddie Kaplan and Anders Lundgren sat down in late October 2010 to record the first episode, which contained reviews of Ragman #1 and a discussion of the then upcoming Walking Dead TV series, amongst many other subjects.

The pod comes out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and are mostly in Swedish. There are however interviews in English as well. Links to all episodes with international guests are found below, in reverse chronological order.

Episode 418 – Cecil Castellucci

Episode 409 – Jim Rugg

Episode 347 – Arthur Adams, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Episode 333 – Cecil Castelluci (the interview starts about 48 minutes in)

Episode 281- Peter Bergting and Ben Stenbeck (panel)

Episode 265 – Interviews from Thought Bubble 2016 with Hannah Christenson, Alison Samson, Cecil Castelucci and Box Brown.
Also available as video

Episode 259 – Duncan Fegredo and Lawrence Campbell

Episode 238 – Jeff Lemire

Episode 233 – Becky Cloonan

Episode 71 – Kapow 2012 (Can be listened to for free on Bandcamp).
Partly in Swedish, interviews in English
09:01 – Claude Trollope-Curson
13:51 – Vitaly S Alexius
15:57 – Becky Cloonan
22:47 – Paul Cornell